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Program Benefits:

Unique porn sites! Our 3D and Hentai sex with monsters converts great! About 1:600 ratio from cartoon/hentai CJs and about 1:200 from free sites/blogs.

Highest payouts from signups and rebills! Earn from $14 to $56 per signup plus $14 - $56 per rebill. We're working with AE avs (adult network with 1000+ sites and 362+ hours of porn DVDs) that's why we have about 90% retention ratio - 9 out of 10 members will stay for second month!

Hosted galleries, banners, landings and flash movies! Check out our promo tools for more info.

Cascade billing! Transactions handled by two cc processing companies + check processing company + phone billing for "bad" countries. European customers are billed in EURO.

Payments via Wire transfer, Epassporte and Webmoney! Every two weeks.

Additional ways to earnings! 100's more adult sites for resell. You can also create your own avs sites using AE content for free. They're also hosted for free - you'll just need some traffic to start making great bucks with us!

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