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Promo Tools:

You can find our promos using AE interface, but not all fhgs and banners available through it. So we've added full list of available promos for our sites here. Don't forget to change YOUR_ID in urls to your own reseller ID, it's NOT your AE login!

Download banner codes here (banners are hosted for free on AE servers). You can also download banners and add them to your own server.

Free Hosted Galleries
Download full list of hosted galleries here: FHG with descriptions (or FHG urls) and Furry gay FHG with descriptions (only pictures there).
If you need just movies/pictures fhgs here are the lists (the same galleries as in the list above, but sorted for TGP/MGP owners): Movie FHGs, Picture FHGs, Stories FHG's.

Free Hosted Landings
Landing - means a promo page on Porntelecast.com porn tube website. It will looks like this one and all signups from other AE site's landings (not only from ours) will be paid to you. Download full list of hosted landings here: Landings with descriptions.

Free hosted flash movies (youtube like)
Very good promo tool for your blogs and free sites. It will looks like this sample. Download sample html code here: Embed code sample. ID's of our hosted promo clips (CLIP_ID) you can get from the Landings list.

More promo tools will be added soon!

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